Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hannity Insect Continues to Spread Trump Poison

Sean Hannity's Ongoing Descent Down the Trumpean Rabbit-Hole Raises Questions about the supposedly "Conservative" Talking Head

Sean Hannity has vigorously promoted himself as a supposed fiscal and moral conservative.  Yet his show is often noteworthy for its mind-numbing repetitions and lack of content, as well as the tactless, not to say mealy-mouthed impression often left by the talker's invocations of moral principles.  

Under the influence and in support of Donald Trump's vicious campaigns of personal vilification, including slander against longstanding and solid members of the conservative community, Hannity has himself degenerated into a intellectually dishonest and loudmouthed slanderer of many whose conservative record and moral integrity seems more substantial than his own.  Is this the result of a small and unimaginative mind overwhelmed by the poisonous atmosphere Trump creates around himself, or is it something more?  

Trump's corrupting influence on others is well-documented and is not confined to purely moral influences, often involving cash and other favors distributed in quantity, as documented below:

At some point in the future we may learn how far similar influences have been involved in Hannity's moral descent into a mini-Trump campaign of vilification against conservative thinkers who fail to kiss Trump's ring or dare to mention dangers and flaws.

Another possible influence may be Hannity's well-grounded fear for his own reputation after the reaction likely to follow on a Trumpean electoral collapse.  If he can force others into the Trumpean camp before the Trump Train implodes, Hannity doubtless hopes to provide cover for his own lack of judgement and lack of moral principles seen in his early Trump-pimping activities -- pimping which contributed greatly to legitimizing Trump and foisting the emotionally unstable real estate tycoon on the Republican party in lieu of more viable, honest, and truly conservative candidates. Hannity fears standing alone in a very precarious position.

In any case, Hannity's slow descent into an increasingly vile and dishonest Trumpean madness is well documented (most recent news links at top):

...This is a sad record for one whom many mistakenly trusted as a solid and "conservative" talker, and a warning for the future to exercise caution in whom we take to be allies of conservatism and trust as advisors.