Saturday, July 3, 2010

Obama the Lying Leftist

Think Obama is some sort of moderate trying to "reform" our way of life? Hey pal, go to the clue factory and get yourself an effing clue! From leftist political hack pals like Eric Holder with which he is packing the government and Supreme Court, to the endless "Reform" bills that destroy our way of life and subject us to an ever-increasing, micro-managing, "benevolent" Bureaucracy Of Those Who Know Better, only one thing is on this guy's mind, and that is the end of the American way of life. What is Mr. Obama? He's Reverend Wright in a business suit, with a smooth-talking pack of lies to grease his way along. People who support Obama should just write in 'Hugo Chavez' on the ballot and be honest about it. Stop listening ot the lies -- watch what his hands do.

Happy 234th Birthday America! I wish I saw the path clear to a brighter future, but I really don't. If this headlouse isn't flattened in his tracks, we will have no more connection with the Americans of 1776 than the inhabitants of Iceland do.

Is this all some kind of cruel test for America?

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