Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama the Post Turtle & Hope-Nosis

Can't resist sharing these two great Obama graphics:
(Click through preview to visit the original full-scall images):

Obama The Post Turtle:


KUDOS to their gifted creators!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Religion of Peace Kills Again

Well, I guess NASA and our President didn't suck up to them enough yet: Disgruntled Islamists have killed again, now bombing crowds of people watching the World Cup of Soccer in Uganda, including Americans.

Hip, hip, horray for the "Religion of Peace"!

And Obama is offering to help? That definitely makes me feel safer! NOT.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New NASA: National Allah Suckup Administration

Here is a new NASA logo to reflect the aims of Obama's New NASA: Pandering to a thugish, backward, "Religion of Peace" that actually has ZERO interest in peaceful space exploration.

Yippee! Yet another branch of our government ceases to task real-world accomplishment and is now to expend its efforts on sterile exhibitions of leftist ideology.

Mars can wait! This leftwing political stuff is imporant!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Obama the Lying Leftist

Think Obama is some sort of moderate trying to "reform" our way of life? Hey pal, go to the clue factory and get yourself an effing clue! From leftist political hack pals like Eric Holder with which he is packing the government and Supreme Court, to the endless "Reform" bills that destroy our way of life and subject us to an ever-increasing, micro-managing, "benevolent" Bureaucracy Of Those Who Know Better, only one thing is on this guy's mind, and that is the end of the American way of life. What is Mr. Obama? He's Reverend Wright in a business suit, with a smooth-talking pack of lies to grease his way along. People who support Obama should just write in 'Hugo Chavez' on the ballot and be honest about it. Stop listening ot the lies -- watch what his hands do.

Happy 234th Birthday America! I wish I saw the path clear to a brighter future, but I really don't. If this headlouse isn't flattened in his tracks, we will have no more connection with the Americans of 1776 than the inhabitants of Iceland do.

Is this all some kind of cruel test for America?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red Dawn Parody Poster

Here is an parody poster for the new movie RED DAWN, which portrays resistance to an attempted Chinese PLA takeover of the United States. As revealed on Michelle Malkin's site, a lot of the posters used in the film end up looking a lot like those of some current politicians. ...Hmm, I wonder if this is one of those films "based on a true story" with just a few "names changed to protect the innocent"? Chairman Obamo is not mentioned in the actual movie, but you get the idea!

...All I can add is, "GO WOLVERINES"!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plug the Damn Hole!

May we suggest that Mr. Obama take his own advice, and plug his damn hole?

Flapping Your Lips
Dancing with the Stars
Shooting those Hoops,

Doing your Effing JOB!!!!!

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Congress Should Stick Up for Self, Kick Obama's Ass.

US Congress Should Stick Up for Itself, Give Obama a Good Swift Kick in the Ass.

(Or do they prefer to follow Captain Ahab to the bottom of the Ocean?)

Mainstream political reporters and pundits -- as well as the President himself -- seem to have forgotten something they used to teach when I attended school: That the US government has three different branches, the Executive, the Legislative and Judicial, and that each of these branches were intended to serve as checks and balances on the others. Instead it now seems to be assumed that the President is the head of the Legislative Branch (Congress) as well as of the Executive, and is entitled to issue to Congress commands and directives, to define the legislation that Congress is to consider, and in short to tell Congress what it is supposed to do.

A case in point is the ongoing fiasco of Healthcare "Reform". Mr. Obama seems determined to drive the entire US Congress off an electoral cliff like so many deranged lemmings, rather than admit what is otherwise obvious, that Americans do not cotton to his brand of "reform" and in fact resoundingly reject it. Yet the most our despairing Congressmen/lemmings have the spine to do is to resign from their seats. Instead, congressmen should consider doing what they were hired to do -- act like an independent branch of the government, listen to their constituents -- and to tell the President to take his heath "reform" and shove it.

Congress has not only a right, but a duty, to ignore the President's increasingly out-of-touch commands and choose their own legislative agenda, one more attuned to the desires and needs of the American people -- one focused on the Economy and Jobs. The President is not the President of Congress, and ceasing to pretend that he is will enable Congressmen to disassociate themselves from his increasingly mad, Ahab-like quest to slay the Great White Whale of socialized health care. Recall that in Melville's Moby Dick, the monomanic Captain Ahab ends his quest by sinking his ship, destroying himself and his crew -- and the whale gets away.

Instead of resorting to these continuous resignations, some Modest Steps Congressmen might take towards regaining their statutory Independence of the Executive might include:
  • Remove the Partisan Hack and left-wing radical Nancy Pelosi from control of the House of Representatives. Nancy is like a mini-Obama in her policies, only worse, and seems to have no sense whatever for either public opinion or bipartisanship with non-radicals. Pelosi's current position is clearly a case of "having the patients running the asylum".
  • Order the Capitol Police to prevent Rahm Emanual or other Obama hacks from approaching closer than 150 yards to the US Capitol building.
  • Politely and respectfully inform the President that Congress welcomes his input on the legislative items chosen by Congress, after Congress has put these items into the form of draft bills, but that Congress does not welcome his presuming to issue commands as to their priorities. (Ie, Kick his Ass OUT of the direction of Congress's work.)
Unfortunately, given the President's recent behavior, the only alternative to such an independent course seems to be that Congress continue its current downward arc into chaos, driven on a mad voyage by a monomanic Captain whose commands are increasingly divorced from reality.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some of My Best Friends are Capitalists, Obama Says

Moving to refute his growing reputation as a left-wing, socialist radical, Barack Obama used a recent interview with Bloomberg News to emphasize his sympathy and understanding for the capitalist money-earner. "While I have never done an honest days work in my life," Obama stated, "I have the greatest admiration for the accomplishments of those who do work.. I can assure you that I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body. Hey, some of my best friends are capitalists," Obama stated, adding that exposure to capitalists throughout his life had made him more sympathetic to the unfair stereotypes afflicting members of this class. "Not all capitalists wear top hats and tuxedos like that character in the Monopoly game, some of them wear hiker shoes or baseball caps, so that you can hardly tell them from ordinary people," Obama continued, "in fact I have observed that capitalists are often very ingenious in the ways they come up with for accumulating money. As long as they follow strictly all government directives, pay whatever taxes and fees may be demanded from time to time, and don't forget their place or get too uppity, capitalists have nothing to fear from the Obama regime."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama Bullshit Decoder Ring

Just in my mailbox... everybody should get one of these!