Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somebody had to Say it: You Lie!

It appears that the growing people's rebellion against political B.S. finally reached the soporific halls of Congress during Obama's health-care speech last night. The Presidential Crap Machine hit a small speed bump when Represenative Joe Wilson of South Carolina could not contain himself during one of the more glaring misrepresentations and shouted

"You Lie!"

While factually correct, this is a breach of etiquette for which Rep. Wilson (unlike the people who used to insult George Bush) has already apologized. However, as fair as I'm concerned, its about time sombody said it! Kudos to you, Rep. Wilson!!! We are as sick of the Wonder Boy's lies as you are.

Representative Joe Wilson of South Caronlina
Why don't some of the other weenies in Congress show this same courage?

For more information on the loopholes allowing illegal aliens to participate in ObamaCare, see here. Republicans tried repeatedly to have these loopholes closed in committee, but were prevented from doing so (hence Mr. Wilson's frustration with Obama's misleading statements, claiming the problem did not exist). Now, since Wilson has drawn national attention to the issue, Congressional Democrats are apparently struggling to close the loopholes, but in a way that doesn't annoy illegal immigration advocates.

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