Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama Departs in Helicopter as Conservatives March on Washington

Yipee! We did it! The protest march on Washington today appears to have been a resounding success,with crowd estimates from the "tens of thousands" into more likely six figures and perhaps over 1 million. I have to say I was suprised (and very happy) to see images of the huge turnout. (Above livecam image from

Barack's Presidential helicopter, carrying him away to another of those interminable canned ObamaCare rallies off someplace, was forced to fly out over the streets now filled with protesting conservatives. Did his mind perhaps wander thoughtfully, Niebuhr-like, to images of other helicopters leaving other cities, with other angry crowds beneath them?

In that vein we would like to offer our own unique footage of the Presidential helicopter preparing for departure (not available from any other news source!):

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