Monday, August 10, 2009

DNC Hires Noted Bigfoot Expert Krugman to Prove Existence of "Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrators"

The Democratic National Committee today announced the hiring of Nobel prize-winning expert Dr. Leroy Krugman to assist them in proving the existence of the "Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrator." This creature, while derided by Republicans as mythological, is believed by orthodox Democrats to be the source of all opposition to recent Health-Care proposals.

Dr. Krugman brings to his task a high reputation among his academic peers in Cryptids research. Recent books by Dr. Krugman proved turning points for liberal-dominated academia, a majority of whom, following Krugman's persuasive arguments, now believe firmly in the existence of Sasquatch (the creature popularly known as "Bigfoot"), Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra the Puerto-Rican Goat-Sucker, and silky white Unicorns.

However, so far Krugman's task has not proven an easy one. "The reported chararacteristics of AOD (the Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrator) include a low level of intelligence, a subsistance on bribes from either the RNC or Big Insurance companies, an affection for swastikas, and residency outside the voting district in which it is sighted," explained Krugman. "But while I remain positively convinced of the existence of this creature, and Nancy Pelosi reports sightings after every Town Hall meeting, so far he has eluded capture on film. The purported images of the AOD creature sometimes shown in the media have proven to be either ordinary citizens, left-wing SEIU thugs, or screaming Congressmen."

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