Saturday, August 22, 2009

2,000 Billion Dollars Down the Toilet, and Hoping We Won't Notice?

It reads like something from Science-Fiction: The Obama administration suddenly discovered late this Friday that they are going to ring up another 2 trillion dollars in deficits (that's 2,000 billion dollars) that had previously gone unnoticed -- by them. That brings the total even by their own lying-*ss estimates up to 9 trillion (9,000 billion) dollars. I suppose they think if they announce this late on a Friday, people will have forgotten by the time the news cycle starts up again on Monday?

This new, larger Black Hole of unmanageable debt actually corresponds to what the Congresssional Budget Office has been estimating all along, but what lying-ass Obama and his goons have tried to deny. If they are finally admitting it now, you can be assured that the reality is even worse.

Wait til our one-party government passes ObamaCare! Then after its done, SURPRISE! they will discover that "due to the bad ecomony / Bush / Global Warming / Conservative Activists " there is another Black Hole of Debt appearing out of nowhere to SURPRISE! them and requiring... NEW TAXES!!!!!!!!!!

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