Sunday, August 30, 2009

Generalissimo Obama Powerless to control Attorney General

Adding a new layer to his "I'm on vacation" meme, Generalissimo Obama now claims he is powerless to control his recently appointed Attorney General Eric Holder, currently embarking on a judicial fishing expedition against the CIA officers whe dared to interrogate American-murdering terrorists. That'll teach those CIA people. They won't do that again, will they?

Obama of course deplores the actions of his recent appointee. But what is he supposed to do? It will be conforting to know that if in the future his appointees decide to withhold medical treatment from people over 65, or to send teams of SEIU thugs to break up political demonstrations, he deplores those things as well.

Such an empathetic little b*stard, isn't he?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dems to Honor Kennedy by renaming Health Plan the "Liberal Dinosaur Act"

His body not yet cold in the grave, Congressional Democrats today discussed the disposition of Ted Kennedy's Senate locker, his parking spot, and notepads and markers found in his desk. Also on the agenda was whether to use Kennedy's memory in promoting the failing and unpopular American Health Wreckovery bill. The suggested plan would rename the bill the "Liberal Dinosaur Health Act" in Kennedy's honor.

Senate Democrats shrugged off objections that no one had ever suggested naming the bill in Kennedy's honor while he was alive, and that Kennedy himself (like most Congressemen) had never read the bill. "The bill clearly embodies the ideals and goals which were dearest and most important to this dear dear man whose last name was KENNEDY" stated one senate Democrat.

Some features of the bill cited as reflecting the ideals of the man whose last name was KENNEDY include:
  • Government rationing of medical care, through bureaucratic decisions not subject to judicial review.
  • Government determination of what consistitutes "acceptable" medical insurance.
  • Displacement of private insurance plans by a government-controlled "public" plan.
  • Government access to private information which it, or some bureaucrat, considers "relevant" to running the plan.
  • Changes to IRS tax code to obtain additional funding for the plan through taxation of "the wealthy".
Media savants, aging Flower-Children, and fans of the History Channel's "Ancient Civilizations" series expressed enthusiasm for the new selling line. However, it remains unclear how many of the voters whose opinions (at least theoretically) are supposed to hold some say in the matter will be swayed by their memories of that bygone era "When Kennedys (and Johnsons) roamed the earth."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why is Barack in Hiding? Gee I Wonder.

Suddenly motor-mouth Mr. Cool has vanished from the face of the earth leaving only a whisp of silence behind. Media are instructed to leave him alone and not pass along his whereabouts. Gee I wonder why?

By pure coincidence, this occurrs the Monday after the surprise late Friday announcement of another 2,000 billion dollars in additional deficits in his administration. We remarked on this announcement with some surpise ourselves at the time.

If you happen to see him, tell Barack we'd like to get our 2,000 Billion back. For some reason we seem unable to reach him on the phone, and he's not answering his email either.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Sign of Wreckovery - Digging America into a Hole

I couldn't resist adding a further (photoshop) improvement to the Urbana sign shown in yesterday's post.

See if your keen eye can detect the subtle alterations:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Truth In Government, Urbana Illinois

According to a post on, some member of the Conservative Resistance has made interesting use of FizzDesigns FREE downloadable logo (see below). Or did some honest soul print the sign that way? I can't say that I know how the logo got there, but the result seems to be Truth in Government:

Personally, I think its a shame that someone can't staple one of the tax-and-spend Wreckovery logos to the *ss (or other protruding body part) of those who used 80 Million dollars of Wreckovery Act funds to put on sex shows in California.

Also reported here.

2,000 Billion Dollars Down the Toilet, and Hoping We Won't Notice?

It reads like something from Science-Fiction: The Obama administration suddenly discovered late this Friday that they are going to ring up another 2 trillion dollars in deficits (that's 2,000 billion dollars) that had previously gone unnoticed -- by them. That brings the total even by their own lying-*ss estimates up to 9 trillion (9,000 billion) dollars. I suppose they think if they announce this late on a Friday, people will have forgotten by the time the news cycle starts up again on Monday?

This new, larger Black Hole of unmanageable debt actually corresponds to what the Congresssional Budget Office has been estimating all along, but what lying-ass Obama and his goons have tried to deny. If they are finally admitting it now, you can be assured that the reality is even worse.

Wait til our one-party government passes ObamaCare! Then after its done, SURPRISE! they will discover that "due to the bad ecomony / Bush / Global Warming / Conservative Activists " there is another Black Hole of Debt appearing out of nowhere to SURPRISE! them and requiring... NEW TAXES!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

DNC Hires Noted Bigfoot Expert Krugman to Prove Existence of "Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrators"

The Democratic National Committee today announced the hiring of Nobel prize-winning expert Dr. Leroy Krugman to assist them in proving the existence of the "Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrator." This creature, while derided by Republicans as mythological, is believed by orthodox Democrats to be the source of all opposition to recent Health-Care proposals.

Dr. Krugman brings to his task a high reputation among his academic peers in Cryptids research. Recent books by Dr. Krugman proved turning points for liberal-dominated academia, a majority of whom, following Krugman's persuasive arguments, now believe firmly in the existence of Sasquatch (the creature popularly known as "Bigfoot"), Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra the Puerto-Rican Goat-Sucker, and silky white Unicorns.

However, so far Krugman's task has not proven an easy one. "The reported chararacteristics of AOD (the Astroturf Obamacare Demonstrator) include a low level of intelligence, a subsistance on bribes from either the RNC or Big Insurance companies, an affection for swastikas, and residency outside the voting district in which it is sighted," explained Krugman. "But while I remain positively convinced of the existence of this creature, and Nancy Pelosi reports sightings after every Town Hall meeting, so far he has eluded capture on film. The purported images of the AOD creature sometimes shown in the media have proven to be either ordinary citizens, left-wing SEIU thugs, or screaming Congressmen."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Obama as The Joker in LA

Apparently, a new image of Obama as The Joker (as in the psychotic character from Batman) has started mysteriously appearing in Los Angeles. The word "socialism" is printed beneath his mug. This does not appear to be a pro-obama poster.

For more on the story visit the Newsbusters article here.

Why so serious?