Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stop ObamaCare while we still have a chance

Worried about ObamaCare and those "lower premiums" you'll be paying for government-mandated health insurance? Why worry! I'm sure that the drug companies are lobbying for passage of Obamacare -- including up to $150 million spent for TV ads -- because they believe it will reduce their profits! Righto! Even if the drug companies want to turn the program into a new, porker-friendly, government-filled feeding trough, who am I to argue? This is one of the results of passing a bill designed in smoke-filled backrooms by cigar-chomping political hacks with no sense of real responsiblity to those who elected them.

Despite some small glimmers of hope this government-designed monstrosity is still being intended as law. Now is REALLY the time to let our representatives know how we feel, before they pass this Frankenstein's Monster in some midnight session. According to Michelle Malkin, there are new nationwide protests planned for August 22. From the protest site
Many of the original groups behind are joining together for the Nationwide Recess Rally. This is a collaborative effort to make it known that we will not stand for socialized, government controlled healthcare.
Check out the many protest venues listed by state on

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