Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another of Obama's Friends

Whatever else you can say for Obama, you sure can't say he chooses his friends well. First we had his racist and rather nutty mentor Jeremiah Wright, and his early political guiding light, Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist. OK, fair enough. Now we find this unpresidential President using a prime-time news conference to defame the Cambridge MA police department for arresting his "friend" Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Obama admitted he didn't know the facts of the case, but went on to call the police "stupid" anyway. Yet from the police report it appears that his "friend" Gates was himself the one who acted stupidly, in fact like a stupid racist, interfering with a white police officer dispatched on report of a break-in into Gates home.

I don't know anything else about Gates, so unlike our President I won't jump to conclusions and say that he is a bigotted black racist, but his behavior on this occasion sure don't look too good. Read the full police report here, and make your own judgement. The police officer's response can be found here. Apparently Obama is now trying to provide cover for his own stupidity in making his initial remarks with his usual brand of wheedling backpeddling. Big O now claims that he didn't mean the police were stupid, just that they acted stupidly, or some half-assed bullshit along these lines. However, the point is that from the police report it appears Gates was the one who was out of line, not the cops. Why not spare us innocent parties the racism song-and-dance routine (we've heard it before) and just fess up that your friend acted like a jerk!

Kids, don't act this way at home..

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