Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Obama Wreckovery

Webster's dictionary defines "wreckovery" as what Democrats are really saying when you think they are using the word "recovery". Thanks to the policy of Mr. Lying-Butt Obama and his minions, we can be assured that the American economy is well on the way to a full wreckovery.

My first version of this image was created for a logo contest on Michelle Malkin's website. You can view other entertaining logos that people came up with here and here.

This design is a redo of the porkulus "recovery" program logo which your tax dollars probably paid $X million to create (...in an effort to convince you that your tax dollars are being wisely spent). ...In contrast, the official WRECKOVERY logo shown above cost no tax dollars to produce! It did not contribute to the national debt!

This logo is available as a T-Shirt on Cafepress, FizzDesigns.com/tshirts

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