Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hannity Insect Continues to Spread Trump Poison

Sean Hannity's Ongoing Descent Down the Trumpean Rabbit-Hole Raises Questions about the supposedly "Conservative" Talking Head

Sean Hannity has vigorously promoted himself as a supposed fiscal and moral conservative.  Yet his show is often noteworthy for its mind-numbing repetitions and lack of content, as well as the tactless, not to say mealy-mouthed impression often left by the talker's invocations of moral principles.  

Under the influence and in support of Donald Trump's vicious campaigns of personal vilification, including slander against longstanding and solid members of the conservative community, Hannity has himself degenerated into a intellectually dishonest and loudmouthed slanderer of many whose conservative record and moral integrity seems more substantial than his own.  Is this the result of a small and unimaginative mind overwhelmed by the poisonous atmosphere Trump creates around himself, or is it something more?  

Trump's corrupting influence on others is well-documented and is not confined to purely moral influences, often involving cash and other favors distributed in quantity, as documented below:

At some point in the future we may learn how far similar influences have been involved in Hannity's moral descent into a mini-Trump campaign of vilification against conservative thinkers who fail to kiss Trump's ring or dare to mention dangers and flaws.

Another possible influence may be Hannity's well-grounded fear for his own reputation after the reaction likely to follow on a Trumpean electoral collapse.  If he can force others into the Trumpean camp before the Trump Train implodes, Hannity doubtless hopes to provide cover for his own lack of judgement and lack of moral principles seen in his early Trump-pimping activities -- pimping which contributed greatly to legitimizing Trump and foisting the emotionally unstable real estate tycoon on the Republican party in lieu of more viable, honest, and truly conservative candidates. Hannity fears standing alone in a very precarious position.

In any case, Hannity's slow descent into an increasingly vile and dishonest Trumpean madness is well documented (most recent news links at top):

...This is a sad record for one whom many mistakenly trusted as a solid and "conservative" talker, and a warning for the future to exercise caution in whom we take to be allies of conservatism and trust as advisors.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Mickey Mouse President Plans Mickey Mouse Economy

America's Mickey-Mouse President Barack Obama today visited Disneyland to laud its cartoon characters as a model for the country's future economic growth. "All those people without jobs, especially those from the oil and gas industries, should stop grousing and instead don funny looking hats and costumes and parade in the streets," Obama said, "The goofy costumes and cut-up antics will attract rich foreigners to the country to take their pictures with Japanese digital cameras, and hey they might even tip them a couple extra bucks for really goofy shots, which will, combined with the food stamps we are handing out at a record rate, help build America's future as a respected world leader."

Obama also used the visit to consult with his top economic advisors, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

House Votes Obama Praise for Osama Kill, Suggests Air-Dropping President over Kandahar to Aid in Fight Against Taliban

In a rare move, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives today voted an official commendation to "Rambo Obama" for his elimination of noted terrorist Osama Bin-Ladin "by blowing half his face off, and without recourse to any politically incorrect techniques such as waterboarding." The resolution goes on to praise Obama's "fierce warrior ways and far-seeing vision" and includes a special emergency defense appropriation in the amount of $1 million to be used to airdrop "our fierce warrior President over Kandahar, Afghanistan at the earliest possible opportunity."

Responding to budgetary concerns, the bill's sponsors noted that $1 million is "far below the cost to taxpayers of the average Obama family vacation, even when its just Michelle and her friends" and added that "if necessary we can airdrop her over Kandahar as well," leading to further savings. "By airdropping the President, his wife, her mouth and her Gorgon-like visage into Kandahar, we strike an immediate blow against the Taliban, and also free up several Navy Seal teams for urgent tasks elsewhere."

At a recent fund-raising event, handlers explained that the President was too busy pan-handling fat-cats and bragging about Osama's demise to issue a response on the newly-passed bill. Asked upon boarding if he was aware of Air Force One's next destination, Obama replied only that he "thought we were headed to some sort of talk show, or rapper event". The current wereabouts of Air Force One are not known at this time.

(Please Credit: Fizzdesigns-Parody New Service)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama the Post Turtle & Hope-Nosis

Can't resist sharing these two great Obama graphics:
(Click through preview to visit the original full-scall images):

Obama The Post Turtle:


KUDOS to their gifted creators!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Religion of Peace Kills Again

Well, I guess NASA and our President didn't suck up to them enough yet: Disgruntled Islamists have killed again, now bombing crowds of people watching the World Cup of Soccer in Uganda, including Americans.

Hip, hip, horray for the "Religion of Peace"!

And Obama is offering to help? That definitely makes me feel safer! NOT.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New NASA: National Allah Suckup Administration

Here is a new NASA logo to reflect the aims of Obama's New NASA: Pandering to a thugish, backward, "Religion of Peace" that actually has ZERO interest in peaceful space exploration.

Yippee! Yet another branch of our government ceases to task real-world accomplishment and is now to expend its efforts on sterile exhibitions of leftist ideology.

Mars can wait! This leftwing political stuff is imporant!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Obama the Lying Leftist

Think Obama is some sort of moderate trying to "reform" our way of life? Hey pal, go to the clue factory and get yourself an effing clue! From leftist political hack pals like Eric Holder with which he is packing the government and Supreme Court, to the endless "Reform" bills that destroy our way of life and subject us to an ever-increasing, micro-managing, "benevolent" Bureaucracy Of Those Who Know Better, only one thing is on this guy's mind, and that is the end of the American way of life. What is Mr. Obama? He's Reverend Wright in a business suit, with a smooth-talking pack of lies to grease his way along. People who support Obama should just write in 'Hugo Chavez' on the ballot and be honest about it. Stop listening ot the lies -- watch what his hands do.

Happy 234th Birthday America! I wish I saw the path clear to a brighter future, but I really don't. If this headlouse isn't flattened in his tracks, we will have no more connection with the Americans of 1776 than the inhabitants of Iceland do.

Is this all some kind of cruel test for America?